clock watchdog timeout: Fix Blue Error on Windows 10

clock watchdog timeout (1)

Are you stuck in Blue Error or clock watchdog timeout? The clock watchdog timeout can occur on your Operating system when the system processor is unable to process interrupts. This clock_watchdog_timeout windows 10 occurs when your system processor is deadlocked or non-responsive.

You will see this Blue error on your monitor screen when its processor having issues with the cooperation of threads and cores. Cores have many threads because the thread is a task which core performs. The problem occurs when one of the core’s threads is waiting for a satisfactory response from another thread. In another word, you can say the kernel is looking for an adequate response from the different kernel, and there is no response from their side.

clock watchdog timeout: Fix Blue Error on Windows 10

clock watchdog timeout Fix Blue Error on Windows 10 (1) clock watchdog timeout: Fix Blue Error on Windows 10 (1)

In technical terminology, then a processor is unable to proceed to the process of giving tasks because of its occupied resource. This state of the processing is called DEADLOCK. So here you will find out how to fix clock_watchdog_timeout windows 10 error or Blue Screen errors. In this blog, you will also learn how to stop it in future.

Blue Screen Error or clock_watchdog_timeout windows 10

If you are facing clock_watchdog_timeout error, then here are few fixes by which you can fix BSOD bugs. These potential repairs are best for clock_watchdog_timeout

  • Device Driver: Update
  • Run Windows Memory Diagnostic Tools
  • Discount any external devices or hardware
  • Window Troubleshoot

Firstly, if you like to build a SYSTEM RESTORE spot, undo the recent alteration on the PC by doing System Restore. Secondly, you can perform the task mentioned above in SAFE MODE ITH NETWORKING.

Have you overclocked the System? If yes, then disengage overclocking. See if the error or BSOD fix.

Rollback new Device Driver

If you have updated any driver recently, then rollback it and see whether it works or not. It will help to resolve the issue of clock watchdog timeout on windows 10.

Run Windows  Memory Diagnostics Tools

The clock_watchdog_timeout can occur when there is a problem with RAM. By following these steps, you might fix the issues.clock_watchdog_timeout (1)

First Run a memory check on a personal computer or laptop. You can perform this by simultaneously hitting WINKEY AND R key to launch RUN. After you need to type  mdsched.exe. After typing this press enter. This starts the  DIAGNOSTIC TOOLS. There you will see two options.clock_watchdog_timeout windows 10 (1)

The first option is to RESTART the computer to fix the problem. Before going in to further detail, we recommend choosing this option. The second option is to check the issues next time you start the computer.  Whatever option you select the computer responds accordingly. If there are any issues, it will handle them automatically. If there is no problem, then there must be another reason for the problem of clock watchdog timeout on windows 10.

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Disconnect New Devices and Hardware

If the fixes, as mentioned above, are not working for clock watchdog timeout windows 10 check, have you connected any new device?  The lock_watchdog_timeout windows 10 can happen when connect any new hardware to your laptop or PC. The new hardware engages the processor with multiple instructions such as the wrong installation of the driver and more. You need to remove ne devices and hardware one by one to check which one is creating issues. If you find out the culprit device or hardware, then look for its compatibility. Is the method compatible with the operating system?

Window Troubleshoot: Clean Boot

You can manually troubleshoot by Clean Boot.  The function of a clean boot is to start the system with little startup programs and minimal drivers. When you start your PC in this program, it starts by using the pre-selected set of startup programs and drivers. As it does not start with all drivers, your all programs may not run.

Clean Boot is made to isolate the performance issues. To execute this troubleshooting, you need to enable or disable one process, then restart your laptop after every action. If the clock_watchdog_timeout goes away, then you will find out the culprit as it as the closing process that was giving the issues.

BIOS  Update

Basic Input Output System (BIOS) is system software. That is stored in the minor memory chip on  motherboard. You might require accessing BIOS to alter how the PC works or assists in troubleshooting the issues.

There is a chance that hardware is accountable for the clock_watchdog_timeout Window 10. Updating the BIOA may fix the error. Remember one thing BIOS is the method for ” Advanced Users.” If you do not execute it properly, it may lead to permanent damage to computer hardware. For BIOS update, both a motherboard producers’ site and get the new version of BIOS for the system motherboard. There must be manual instruction about BIPS upgrading. If your knowledge is not sufficient regarding the BIOS update, it is best to have an expert hand.

Last Words

You just need to follow the steps that are described in this article. Then the issue of clock watchdog timeout: Fix Blue Error on Windows 10 will be solved easily in few minutes. In this case, if any method doesn’t work for you then feel free to ask for the solution via the comment box. We will help you to solve the issue with your PC.

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