Find steam screenshot folder Easy 2 Steps and tips

Locate the steam screenshot folder and save the pictures of your favorite Character.

Are you a video game lover? And love the Character from the Video games such as Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil 4 or Chris Redfield from Resident Evil 5. These games inspire so much that you indulge in them.

Find steam screenshot folder

Find steam screenshot folder Easy 2 Steps and tips

You feel yourself in their position. When playing those games, you pass some events, pictures, and moments that you want to save and show off to your friends. Sometimes getting a picture of your favorite Character makes you put their pictures as a Profile pic.

Do you know the method of taking a screenshot While playing your Favorite Game?

Whatever games you are playing, especially video games, you can take a screenshot of your favorite scene, Action, or Character by clicking on the Hot Key that is F12. By pressing the F12, you can take the screenshot of Marshal Action of KEN from Street Fighter. Print this Action on paper and paste it on your wall. Or you can even put these screenshots on Stem Profile or upload any of them on your social media handle.

You need to follow simple steps to take screenshots. Capture the moment of the action by holding F12 on the keyboard. It is as simple as it looks — no code, or long process press the F12 key only

Do you know where is steam screenshot folder?

But the problem that you face is t how to find steam screenshots and where to find the folder of screenshots. Because when we take a screenshot, it does not ask you where to save it. Are you unable to find out those adventurous pictures?  Do you want to know how to find steam screenshots? There are two ways by which you can find the pictures.

  • Number one via steam’s Task Manager,
  • The other one is accessed via a Hard drive.

But most of you do not know where to find the screenshot. You do not know about the steam screenshot folder. Now lets us find out how to find the steam screenshot folder and where the steam screenshot folder disappears.

What is Steam Software?

Before getting into the steam screenshot folder, let us find out about Steam Software. 

Valve owns steam software, and it is gaming software. It allows the user to auto-updating and installation of all video games with storage facilities and also in-game chats and voicing. This software started back in 2010. They are offering these games since 2012. If you are a game lover, then you must have this software with you. Steam provides various facilities. 

Stream allows you to take Screen Shots

The most public facility is screenshots. If you have steam, you can share and make screenshots of the favorite games. Screenshot in steam does not tame much time, and it is secure.

Steam as Storage

Other than sharing the facility, it offers the Steam Cloud option. It offers storage up to 1GB. So get the stream and show off your playing skills and highest score to friends and also save them in the PC.

Do you know how to save the screenshots with Software steam?

steam screenshot folder (1)

As you know, to take the screenshot, you need to press the key F12. Once you press the F12 key, the picture or the screenshot automatically saves. The stream’s Screenshot manager permits you to upload the images while enjoying the game. Do you want to modify the hotkey? For this, you need to visit the Steam Setting Game section.

Screenshot Manager: Method 1

Are you incapable to discover the steam screenshot folder? There are two methods to find the steam screenshot folder. One of the ways is a task manager. You can see all of the screenshots which you have taken while playing your favorite video games by Screenshot manager. For this, you require to use the steam client. Let’s follow the steps mentioned below.

The 1st Step:

steam-screenshot-folder (1)

 For this, you need to open the Stem Window. On the left (upper) side of the window, there are many drops down. From the menu, you click on the VIEW. Once you click on the View, a drop-down menu appears. From the drop-down menu, click the Screenshots.

The 2nd Step

Once you click the screenshot, you can see all the saved pictures.steam_screenshot_folder (1)

Once you get to the screenshot manager, you can perform various functions like delete or upload the images. This method is simple to use. If you are not comfortable with this method, there is another procedure to see the screenshots. You can access your screenshots straight by the hard drive. All you need is to click SHOW ON DISK. There you will also find the option of delete. By this, you can permanently delete the screenshot from the hard drive.

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Access your steam screenshot folder physically: Method 2

 In the steam screenshot folder, each user has their own screenshot folder. In the steam screenshot folder, your post is saved physically. Do you know where this folder is? This folder is present where you have installed the stream? If you do not know the exact location of the installation, then open the Local Drive C. Because Local Drive C is the steam screenshot folder’s default location.

 Here is the Step you need to follow

The 1st Step:

 Open your steam screenshot folder by finding the site mentioned below.

The 2nd Step

First, you need to access File Explorer. After that open, Drive C from your computer.

The 3rd Step

From drive see click on Program Files. Once you click on the program file you will see the option Steam

The 4th Step

Once you click on the steam, choose the User data option. You will go to the UserStemID (your id) then to 760 to the remote. After that, click on the application ID screenshot.

Tip for You:

If the problem is with the laptop or computer. notebook, you must try Reimage Plus. Reimage Plus can scan all repositories and also replace missing and corrupt files of steam screenshots. This method works in all of the cases if the problem is because of system corruption.

Last Words

As we know that all gamers are creative and innovative in their approach. This software allows them to save and remember their adventurous gaming skills and shots. If you follow the method mentioned above will help you to take the screenshot of the game and also guide you on how to find steam screenshots. On steam, your screenshots are saved, and no one can delete them. All you need is to enter your Steam ID and the passcode to get access to it.

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