Why is my Fortnite Ping so High?

If you are facing high ping in Fortnite on your Windows PC, you are experiencing difficulties in interacting properly with game servers.

So you must be thinking why is my Fortnite ping so high and how do I fix it?

That’s why I have discussed all such issues in this article. Read along and don’t miss out on Fix #3.

Why is My Ping so High in Fortnite?

Why is My Ping so High Windows 10 Fix New Method

These are the best methods to Fix and answer the question “Why is Ping So High in Fortnite”.

Read along to get the correct solutions…

Why is My Fortnite Ping so High? Fixes:

Fix 1: Using Regedit

  1. Go to the start button
  2. Then on the search bar, we can type Regedit. And go to the Regedit option.why-is-my-ping-so-high (1)
  3. Right-click on regedit. The dialog box will appear. Then click on the first option that is run as administrator.
    why_is_my_ping_so_high (1)
  4. Another dialog box of user account control will be appearing. Then you just have to select the YES option.
    why is my ping so high in fortnite (1)
  5. The new dialog box will appear that has many options. But you have to choose the third option HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.why-is-my-ping-so-high-in-fortnite (1)
    1. . HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE will have a lot of subdirectories inside of it.why_is_my_ping_so_high_in_fortnite (1)
  6. choose the second last option SOFTWAREwhy is my ping so high (1)
  7. some more options will appear.why-is-my-fortnite-ping-so-high (1)
  8. Find and select the MICROSOFT folder. Then more options will appear.how to lower ping (1)
  9. Scroll down until you find the Windows NT option. Click on it the new options will appear with a downward arrow and that is CURRENT VERSION. CLICK ON IT why is my ping so high1 (1)why is my ping so high2 (1)
  10. Some more options will appear, then scroll down and select the MULTIMEDIA option with a downward arrow. Another option you will behind it. And that is SYSTEM PROFILEwhy is my ping so high3 (1)why is my ping so high4 (1)
  11. Then you will click on the system profile and see on the right side there will be some options. Go to Network Throttling indexwhy is my ping so high5 (1)
  12. Right-click on the Network Throttling index. The dialog box will appear. And choose the modify option. why is my ping so high 6 (1)
  13. click on modify option the new dialog box will appear why is my ping so high 7 (1)

Then you have to write FFFFFFFF (eight times F) in the value date. Then press ok

Next, follow the registry key 


Now right click on the MSMQ option and select the NEW>DWORD(32-BIT)VALUEwhy is my ping so high 9 (1)

Now name this DWORD as TCPNoDELAY   and press enter why is my ping so high 10 (1)

And now double click on TCPNoDELAY to set its value 1
why is my ping so high 11 (1)

 Now we are expanding MSMQ KEY with its subkey PARAMETERS 

If you cannot find the Parameters folder then right-click on MSMQ & select New > Key.why is my ping so high 12 (1)

Now right click on the parameter key and select the NEW>DWORD(32-BIT)VALUE

 Now name this Dword key to TCPNoDelay and set its value to 1why is my ping so high 14 (1)

Now click OK and restart your computer. 

If the problem persists, it’s time to try out another solution.

Fix 2: Checking the devices

Why Is My Ping so high even with a good internet connection?

The latency in the game will appear when your ping is high.

The word ping means the speed measurement of your internet connection’s time to receive data from a particular server.

A Possible reason can be because of extra traffic on the internet at the time when you are playing the game online. This is the most common cause of high ping.

Another reason can be inadequate bandwidth and the distance between the ISP and Fortnite’s server.

First, you have to figure out the components that affect your game.

  1. Quality of Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  2. Your location 
  3. Inadequate bandwidth 
  4. Internet connection speed
  5. Configuration

You will face a high ping delay while playing the game because of these reasons. This unconditionally affects the game.

 Fix 3: Check for Latency issues in Fortnite

Are you experiencing latency issues in Fortnite?

It means that your local server is not responding. The most common cause of your high ping is internet connectivity. It occurs as a result of a lag between the player’s PC and the local server.

In the gaming community, you have probably heard of the term latency when playing online games. Technically, it has to do with high ping.

Your character will be stuck in a loop due to a delay in connection. The problem is very frustrating.

So what are some easy fixes to latency issues in Fortnite?

The easiest way to fix high-ping issues is to restart your internet device. After restarting your internet connection, your connection’s speed should return to normal, so it might work now. This should fix any sort of latency issues on Fortnite.

So for playing online games you were thinking here are a few tips to follow and enjoy playing your games like Fortnite.

  1. Eliminate the bandwidth.
  2. Connect to the right server.
  3. Use ping enhancer
  4. Clean boost
  5. Keep all Windows Drivers up to date

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How to Low Your High Ping?

Now here are the reasons for how to lower your high ping?

In only five simple steps you can improve your gaming on pc.

  1. Install antivirus for games.
  2. Use Ethernet instead of wifi
  3. Close background programs
  4. Optimize game setting
  5. Keep your system update 

When you are playing online games this issue may also occur so to decrease this high ping all you have to do is follow these instructions.

  1. Make sure you have close to your router.
  2. Close all the other applications and websites.
  3. Don’t try to use multiple devices with a single internet connection.
  4. Use local servers.
  5. Connect the devices through a wireless network
  6. Reboot the modem device.

Many people have good internet connections but still face high Fortnite ping issues.

Therefore, it is usually not due to the internet, but rather to the game settings, or your computer, mostly because you did not update your windows so it is probably due to your computer. so that’s why it could be dealing with high ping.

The distance from the game server can also cause high ping in Fortnite. Because of that, you will experience latency, high ping, so to avoid this, play online games near the switch to game servers closer to your location.

Last Words

In windows 10 and 11, you can try out the above fixes and methods for ping-related issues.

So now you probably know why your Fortnite ping is so high.

There are several reasons and solutions for all of these questions discussed above. Follow them all.

If you still face issues, it is time to upgrade your internet connection. I highly recommend using Ethernet instead of WiFi, especially for all online games.

If you still have any doubts left uncovered, feel free to ask them in the comments.

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