How to Add Music to Instagram story Easily [Step Wise]

Seeing the story of your friends with beautiful music in the background looks fantastic. Are you trying you do the same but do not know how to add music to Instagram story

Instagram brings a revolutionary change in social media.  Within some time, it becomes the most popular platform where people share their images and thoughts on various objects. Because of audience interest, it comes up with new and exciting features. There was a time when Instagram was famous because of the HASHTAG trend, but now you notice various features.

 The story on Instagram is the right way to give a quick approach to everything. Instagram not only introduces different elements of images but also in stories. Now you can create polls, challenges, beautiful birthday reminders, and whatnot. But with the emergence of music features in this becomes the game changer, But still, most of you do not know how to add music to Instagram story?

So are you a crazy fan of using Instagram? Then today, you will learn everything about how to add music to Instagram story.

How to Add Music to Instagram story

How to Add Music to Instagram story [Step Wise]

As per Brandeactch, around 60% of stores are run with beautiful Instagram music features. This music brings the element of joy, surprise, and fun to the audience. The influencers are using these fantastic features in the right manner to deliver their emotions and though to you.

Do you want fancy and inspiring stories, then do add music to the Instagram stories? But how to add music to your Instagram story? There are some ways by which you can enjoy these features like a pro.

So two primary ways of adding the music to Instagram are to add the stickers and secondly by adding music before uploading the story.

How to Add Music to Instagram Story (MUSIC STICKER)

Music feathers on Instagram are the most enjoyable and famous features, amongst others. Unfortunately, still, many users are wondering how it is possible and learning how to add music to Instagram stories. 

As you know, you can introduce music to the story via the music sticker. Let us learn something about the Sticker Instagram released this music sticker in 2018 June. Immediately, after it, realize it become the most usable element of Instagram. Every story is incomplete without it.

It is so much fun to add some audible touch to the stories. Unfortunately, not every region of the world does not have this access. This feature is not for every one of you.

If this feature unsupportable in your region, then relax, not worry! Because here, you will also learn how to add music to stories without any stickers. So get ready to find out how to add music to Instagram story.

How to add Music to Your Instagram Story via Sticker: Steps

So without nat further delays, you need to follow the instruction carefully. So are you ready?

  1. First, you have to make the interesting Instagram story
  2. SO on the top of the screen, you can see the sticker icon. Tap that to add music to Instagram story
  3. After taping the Icon you will see various stickers.
  4. Tap on the Music Sticker
  5. Once you tap on the music ticker you will see many options of music choose anyone from it.
  6. You can also pick a favorite part of the song.
  7. Voila! You have done this.

Now you can add the Instagram story in just a few seconds. Because you have learned How to Add Music to Instagram story.

Details Instructions

  1. So once you have added the music to the stories, there are few things that you must know. If you have access to this sticker, you can use them in any Instagram stories.
  2. You will get it when type the icon sticker present at the top of the screen. (It is a smiley face with a square). Click on the label, and here you go.
  3. Once you have done this, a new window will pop.
  4. From this window, you can look for the music ad per your requirements and taste.
  5. Do you know Instagram never disappoints you because it provides a variety of music? And you can use them.
  6. But the essential thing is you can use only 15 seconds of it. ( 15 seconds story length for music).
  7. The sticker will be visible on the story while running the music.
  8. You can also see the name of the singer and song on it. It is because of Copywrite issues.
  9. After that, you have to scroll and then click on the option play to preview the selected song. 
  10. You can also search for any particular song via the Search Music Option.

Search Music Option is present at the top of the screen.

To add the song to the Instagram story, click it. It will open a window where you can drag and hold the song box that you would want to play in the story. This are the detailed instructions on How to add Music to Instagram story.

Length for video clips:

  1. For videos post: The length of the song will default.
  2. For static posts or images, there is a 15-second default length.
  3. Once you have done with this got the option Done. So now you have added the sticker to the story.
  4. Drag or hold to resize or reposition and click for various options of display. 
  5. In the end, hit the option SEND TO 

Point to remember:

  1. When you select the song for the post, choose it from the beginning.
  2. The tick mark shows the beginning of any song.
  3. Remember, always review the story before posting the story on Instagram. By this, you can get the idea of the audios and their effect on the story.
  4. If you want to add other music, you can edit the song by deleting the stickers. Once you delete the stickers, then again follow the steps mentioned above.

These are detailed instructions on How to Add Music to Instagram story with music sticker.

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How to Add Music to Instagram story ( No Music Sticker)

Most of you do not have the option of a music sticker on Instagram. But still want to add some sound effect or music to the story, then here is the solution for you. So why not add the music to the video before uploading it on Instagram as a story?

You can make the video via the tool of the third party then that upload it to Instagram. The new app, like Animoto, is perfect for this purpose. The purpose of this application is to design the video for the Instagram stories. 

This app consists of an entire library of licensed music, so install the at and enjoy the instream music. Read and know How to Add Music to Instagram story without sticker.

Again remembers one thing if you are creating a video to upload on Instagram, then the limit is the same that is 15 seconds. So make the video that is less than 15 seconds. If it is long, then break the video into pieces to upload the entire story.

Once the video is made, ensure it is approvable from the devices. You can uploads it easily to Instagram. For this follow the steps:

  1. First, you have to log in to Instagram.
  2. Click on the story present at the left corner. Or there is your image with a circle in the left click it.
  3. You can create the story of so choosing the video from the camera roll.
  4. Choose the option SEND TO then to story.

Now you have learned how to add Music to Instagram story without stickers. It is not as convenient as the ticker one, but you can still enjoy these features.

It’s time to open Instagram and add Music to the Instagram story.

Last Words

Make your Instagram story attractive and engaging by using multiple Instagram story features. So add a piece of music to it spice up the dull and boring story. So now you have learned how to add music to Instagram story. DO let us know is this blog helpful for you? Have you created inspiring Instagram stories by using Music features?

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