How to Block Someone on Instagram [4 Easy Steps]

Instagram becomes the medium to share your thoughts and emotions, but sometimes you received harsh and negative comments on the post and images that ruin the day. It is best to get rid of such a bunch of people. Instagram provides the feature of blocking the profile. Do you know how to block someone on Instagram? If no, then here you will find all about blocking the profile to limiting the viewers on your profile

 How to Block Someone on Instagram

How to Block Someone on Instagram [4 Easy Steps]

Nowadays, everyone is on Instagram and sharing beautiful pictures. Some of you do not want to share it with everyone, and sometimes you get fed up with some account. For such a scenario, Instagram has one option that is to block the User. So get ready to find out how to block someone on Instagram. These steps are easy, and anyone can follow them. So follow all the steps to execute this command

1st Step: Open the profile of User

  1. If you want to block some particular profile, then write their name in the search bar.
  2. Once you see their account, click on and open it.

2nd stop: click on 3-dots

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  1. When you open the profile, you will the three horizontal dots preset at the extreme right corner of the profile. These indicate the menu. 
  2.  So you have to click on three dotes. So whatever is the reason for blocking that particular person whether you are fed up with their profile picture or you want to unfriend him, these three dots will help you in this regard.
  3. Let us move towards the third Step.

 Third Step: Click the option Block

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  1. So there is no more wait to get rid of that specific profile. When you click on the three dots, you will see the option. From that option, click on the Block. This option is red in color and present in the first position.
  2. Once you have done this, a window pop up and asks you about the decision. Are you sure to block the profile or person? Hey! Relax by blocking it does not means that you will not unblock it again. Whenever you change the mind, just tab the Unblock.
  3. Let’s move towards the final step of how to block someone on Instagram. After this, you will learn how to block someone on Instagram.

4th Step: click the option Dismiss

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  1. The confirmation text that appears on the screen with Dismiss you have to click on the dismiss
  2.  You must be thinking, how do you know that profile is now blocked? For this, you can see his or her profile with the block icon.

So, now you have learned how to block someone on Instagram, These steps are simple, and you can perform them. If you get bored or get rid of any person, block them. You have a complete hold on your Instagram.

How to Block Someone From Seeing a Certain Picture on Instagram

Instagram is your private account. Most of the people share their daily routine on it. 90% of you added the people that you do not know. Some pictures and post are every people that you would not like to share it with all the people on the account. For this, Instagram has the feature of how to block someone from seeing a particular picture on Instagram. This feature is different from how to block someone on Instagram. So here the few easy and simple steps that will help you to block someone from seeing a particular photo of yours. So get ready to restick some people.

  1. First, you need to make the post or the picture private. By doing this, you will restrict the number of viewers. Most of you still do not know how to limit the viewers. To find out, stay tuned.
  2. To make the post or photograph private you need to on the options, click on Photos Are Private.
  3.  For this, you have to go to your profile. The profile option is present at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Once you have made this move further, on your profile, look for the option Edit profile. It is usually present next to the profile picture. So now it is simple and easy. 
  5. Let us move to the Next Step to learn how to block someone on Instagram or restrict a particular picture.
  6. If you are iPhone or iPad user, you have scrolled down. Here tap the option Post are Private.
  7.  For android users, you have to put a check on a box that is present next to the Post are Private.

Now you have learned about how to block someone on Instagram who blocked you and how to restrict the picture. 

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Have you blocked that particular profile? 

Once you have blocked someone, the next question that comes in mind is, what happens next? Will that person will find out about it? Let us clear some questions after you have learned how to block someone on Instagram who blocked you.

  1. Once you block some, you are unable to see any of their content on your account. That covers comments, Videos, and pictures on another account. If you have a private account, you unable to see any of their action on the account. But for the public statement, it is not the same. In public accounts, the blocked profile can still see the comments and likes on other people’s posts.
  2. Conversely, blocked profiles will be unable to see your content. Now you can relax. You cannot see this blocked account on the feed.
  3. If you have given any comment or like on the blocked account previously, it will get removed from the post and pictures immediately.
  4. The person that you have blocked unable to tag you in any of these posts and images. They cannot even direct messages or comment on you.

Pro Tip: When you make the account, always keep the account private. By doing this, you receive the message follow request. It is up to you whether you would like to accept it or not. 

Now, you have cleared all of your doubts about what happens after blocking that profile. Open Instagram right now block the one you want to block.

Last Words

In this article, we understand that How to Block Someone on Instagram. If you have any questions related to this topic then just ask us with the help of a comment box.

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