How To Change Reddit Username [Full Easy Guide]

Reddit is the perfect social media platform for interaction. If you made any wrong act to interaction, they might penalize your account. So to avoid such a situation, you must have a full grip on the platform. From how to delete the account to how to change Reddit Username, you must know everything. 

To keep the privacy of the users, Reddit creates some changes to its site. So, Reddit provides you many facilities to protect your account, and their primary focus is always on user protection. To keeping these concerns in mind, Reddit permits you to change the user name. But most of you still unaware of this function of how to change Reddit Username.

How To Change Reddit Username

How To Change Reddit Username [Full Guide]

In this article, you will find complete details about how to change your Username on Reddit and much more. You also learn here about how to change the DISPLAY NAME and your name on the Snapchat Reddit name. There is no need to visit any professional seek the professional helo because these few steps will surely save time and offer the best methods. So before getting into details to let us find out whats is Reddit display name.

Do you Know About the Display Name In REDDIT?

When you open anyone’s profile, you will see the name with its images. The name that is with the image is called a display name. It is the name that the general public can see and recognize you for that particular word. So it is not your Username; it is the name that the general audience can see. The difference between these user names and display names is that your followers only view your display name on the screen, not the Username.

Can You Change Your Username?

Most of you would like to learn how to change Reddit Username.  It is not easy, and in fact, it is difficult to change the Username of your Riddle account. Instead of the display name, you can change the display name.

There may be reasons for changing the Username

  • One of the primary reasons to change the Reddit user name is it is old. You had once made this Username when it was based on trending topics. So once your name loses the meaning, then it is worthless, and you want some sense of full meaning. SO be careful when selecting the user name for your account.
  • The second reason for changing the REDDIT user name is “user misrepresentation.”  Most of you created the Reddit account. You were a teenager, but with time, your preference charges. You want some meaningful and mature name. No one would like to have a name like “Crazy4” in their later 30’s. Sop changing the user name is the only option.
  • Sometimes we prefer the funny Username but the names which were trading in the past lose their worth in the present.

The above-mentioned might be the reason that you are looking for how to change Reddit Username. So there is a solution for you that works to get rid of that fancy and clumsy user name.

How to Change Reddit Username

Are you still looking for a way to how to change your Reddit username? There is a way if you do not have a much post on Reddit. This is the alternative way of your question how to change Reddit Username. The only solution is to deactivate the account. To deactivating the account meant you are deleting the account from Reddit. So, remove the Reddit account to get rid of the Username. After that, you can make a new account with a new username. So here is the solution that might help you in this regard, what about resetting the user name. For this, you need to read the next heading.

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How to Reset the Username

So you must still be looking for how to change the Reddit username. So instead of that ket reset the user name of your Reddit account. So changing the user name is not a facility that Reddit is offering, but let reset it. For this, follow the steps.

how to change reddit username (1)

how-to-change-reddit-username (1)

  1. First, you have to go to a link that was mail you to verify the account during Reddit registration.
  2. The Username of your Reddit account is there. So you have to follow the given link. 
  3. After doing, they redirect you to the Reddit account with the former Username. Not the new one.

So many users ask the Reddit customer care helo lines about the Username changing options. Remember, once you pick the user name, you can’t change it. It is a cause of the verification process. Reddit has done it to ensure your safety and reduce the Cyber Crime

Now you have learned how to change Reddit Username or reset it.

Would you Like To Know How to Change the Display Name

Now you all know the difference between the display name and Username. If you are worried about the impact your user name left on the viewers, then it is best to change the display name. It is because it is your display name that the general public can view on the post. So changing the display name is simple and easy. For this go straight to the setting.

  1. You will find the setting option at the left corner of your account.
  2. There you will see the option customize profile.
  3. After clicking on the customize profile, they will direct you to the new window. There you can edit the display or profile name easily.

Can you Change the Snapchat User name on Reddit?

If you are looking for how to change Reddit Username: Snapchat on Reddit, then it is possible. For security reasons, Snapchat will not allow you to change the user name. But you can change the user name of snap chat on the Reddit account.

On the app, hit the gear icon.

It is present on the right hand.

 From the gear, the image picks the options account.

Click on the name and enter the name and click the save option.

Last Words

how to change Reddit Username?

In a nutshell, there is no way to change the Username of the Reddit account. But you can still change the display name. Now you have learned How To Change Reddit Username. So just go and change it right now.

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