How To Change Steam Name [Full Guide]

There is a story behind every username, and whether it looks crazy for others but the user, it is full of life and meaning. Username is the name that leaves an initial impression on the other players. The name is also a great medium to express your name and thoughts. But sometimes you want to know how to change steam name.

A few years back, you were attaches to that silly crazy name of yours, but as you grown-up those words honest or meanings. There was a time when on every social media, you are using only one name. At the age of fourteen, if you picked the user-id name Crazzy_killer89, then do not be ashamed now.

It was the name by which you drafted to the players and made your self-reorganization with others. If you still want to learn how to change steam name, it is your choice. Your name becomes your identity after so many years, and another player on Steam recognized you only by the User ID.

How To Change Steam Name

How To Change Steam Name [Detailed Guide]

Do you know there is an interesting fact about gaming? The game that you are cool and adventurous is no more coll when you enter the ring of older people. From your like dislike to the user id all of them change with time. Especially in social media, you do not want to carry that name forever. Sometimes when you are 30, your friends make fun of your childish usernames.

Is Username Creating Trouble? Can You change it?

The gaming platform like steam where you were playing for ages, you develop an emotional attachment. At the age of 16, everything from the name to games was as per 16 years old perspective. If you are bored want some mature or classy name for the steam profile, and then you have to find out how to change  steam name.

There is a short answer to how to change the steam login name, which is No. Unfortunately, you cannot alter or switch to the new username. Hey, relax!  Do not disappoint because we have the solution for you. It is the profile name that other players or your friends can see on the Steam, not the user. Are you still confuses about what to do, let us clarify some of the few things here about the steam account.  If you are new on Steam, then this article is for you to stay tuned for.

How to Change Account Name on Steam

 Now you have learned how to change steam name. And the answer is you cannot change the username on the Steam. If you are looking for how to change your steam account name then again you cannot. The username and the account name are the same. To understand, the logic behind it read further.

 Do you know Steam attaches the numeric identifier to the account, and no one changes it? Whatever are the circumstances, you cannot alter the user id. You must be wondering what they kept it a secret. But the truth is that they have mentioned you and you agree to it. At the time of creating the Steam account, they ask to agree on the Term And Conditions. IN that T&C, they have mentioned it. 

So if you are planning to make the account on Steam then it is essential to choose the User-id carefully. Because after a few years, if you are looking for how to change steam name, then the answer will be the same that is NO.

But you can still change the profile name. It is the name that everyone on Steam can see it. They recognize you via the steam profile name, not the username. The username is for you and for login purposes.

Let us Find out about the Profile Name and Change it

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Now you have got the answer on how to change steam name. If you are looking for how to change the profile name instead of how to change steam name, then stay tunes. 

Remember, the user id name and the profile name is two different things.

The name that you see on the page or at the right corner is the profile name. User friends and who want to connect you via game can see this name. They would not like to see your username. The profile name is everything. The [art about this is that you can alter the profile name whenever you want. If you do not like your 14 years of profile name, then change it right now by following these simple steps.

  1. For this first, you need to type on the URL of Stem.
  2. Insert your login name and password
  3. Once you have entertained the Steam, then you have to choose the friend from the top menu.
  4. Once you have made this move to another step.
  5. in this step pick the profile name in a popup window box that comes on the screen
  6. Here you have to type over the existing name.
  7. Once you have performed the functions, and then hit the option, OK!
  8. So you have successfully change the Profile name and ready to boom the game.

These are the steps that you can follow to change the usernames. Now you have learned How To Change Steam Name and you can do it with ease.

Your profile name must change dynamically, and it must be accessible to players right away. Is not this method secure in changing profile names? 

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Can you make the new account and transfer the games into it?

Now you understand how to change steam name and also get the answer to it. You must be thinking of some ideas. Of course, you can try various methods because the human mind is genius. You must be thinking what if you create a new user account, then it is the answer to the question of how to change steam name. Indeed you can create a new account with an attractive and sensible username.  

But the most critical question is, can you transfer all the games to it? Creating a new account is a great idea, but unfortunately, it would not allow you to move the games.

You must be wondering why it is. It is because of security reasons. Remember, the Gaming license is for a single user. And they have already given it to that particular account. So making a new account to change the username is useless. So be relaxed and do not panic. Enjoy whatever you have. It is the game that matters, not the user name. But do you know you can alter the Profile name instead of the user name? 

Till now, you have learned all things about how to change steam name, or are it possible or not. So deleting an account is not an n option at all so be careful and choose the right username when making an account on Steam.

Last Words

how to change steam name

Now you have got all the information about how to change steam name user or profile. Now you have learned why it is possible to change the profile name and why you can’t alter the user name. So do let us know are you agreeing with us? Or do you see any way to change the user name? Do let us know because, as per lattes information, you cannot change the username of the Steam account.

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