How To Check your Ram Size in Windows 10?

Do you know how to check how much ram you have on your Windows 10 PC?  Are you installing new software on windows 10? Is it giving any error? There is one reason behind it that your RAM does not have much space.  Whenever you install any new software, it is necessary to look for RAM capacity on the laptop because it allows you to runs the software on the PC.

How To Check How Much Ram You Have in Windows 10 

Most of you do not know how to find out the RAM your computer has, but from now, you will be pro.

Your PC’s Ram is short-term Memory. It is necessary that because RAM is used for open files and running applications. In other words, having more RAM means you can perform multitasking without any hurdle. So, get ready to find how much ram do I have.

What is RAM?

For beginners, it is essential to learn about RAM before looking for how much Ram does my computer has?

Ram is the Random Access Memory. The primary function of Ram is to collect various data and information in running software on the PC. Remember, RAM stores the data when the device is working. So, whenever you shut down the PC, it will lose all data and info.

1st method to Check your Ram Size in Windows 10:

There are many ways by which you can check how much RAM my computer has. But this method is the simplest one. All you need for this method is to check Microsoft System Information. It is a built-in tool, and it permits us to gather essential information about the computer. So here is the way by which you can find it easily

  1. All you need is to hold and press Win Key+R on the keyboard. By doing this, the Run Dialog will open.
  2. In run dialog type “msinfo32.exe”. Remember no quotes because it will not execute the command. After doing that, press the OK.                                                       
  3. After that, look for RAM. It delivers you all the data that you require.

It is one of the simplest ways amongst others because even a beginner can find out about the RAM information and data. If you still fail to get the desired result, then jump to the next method.

2nd method: Task manager

So, your Microsoft Information System fails to generate information about the RAM, then do not worry because the task manager is here to help you. It is also one of the simple methods to find details about the RAM. What Ram do I have, and how much Ram does my computer have? Let find out.

  1. Press and hold Ctrl+Shift+Esc on the keyboard because by doing this Task manager pop-up window appears.                                                                                 
  2. After that click on the Performance.     
  3. In the performance, so to a left-pane menu. Here you can see Memory. Here you can see all the information about the RAM, such as what Ram do I have? Free space and other info.

After performing it still no luck, do not worry because again there is an option by which you can find how much Ram do I have?

3rd methods: Control Panel

Do you know you can find any information like how much Ram do I need and others from PC’s Control Panel? There is one more hidden advantage of this that you can so use a control panel to diagnose the issues in the operating system. To learn how to check how much Ram you have, follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. On the keyboard, hold and press Win Key+S.
  2. Once you press the Keys, the dialog will appear on the screen. In the dialog write Control Panel. Remember, never use quotes—press enter.
  3. After that, go to a top-left corner and click the option View BY.
  4. You will see the drop-down list. From the drop-down menu, choose the Category.  how much space does windows 10 take up on a ssd
  5. Select the System and Security option, then choose a system. After doing this, you can see information about the RAM.                                                                      how_much_space_does_windows_10_take_up_on_a_ssd (1) how much space does windows 10 take up (1)      how_much_space_does_windows_10_take up (1)

Another reason why your PC is not performing up to the mark

So, the methods mentioned above are the most comfortable way of checking how to check how much Ram you have. Whether you are a beginner and have no knowledge about Windows, you can find information about RAM.

Is your PC having sufficient RAM capacity, but still, the PC performance is not right? Then there is something wrong with Drivers. So, we advise that you repair or update the drivers immediately because it might be the cause. There are two methods by which you can update or rectify the drivers

  1. Firstly you can perform this manually
  2. Look for a tool like Auslogics Driver Updater.

For the beginner, we advise a latter because this method is simple. Let us find out how complicated the process is.

  1. Open the Device Manager by holding and pressing Win Key+X on the keyboard.
  2. Check all the drivers from every Category. After that, look at the content for every Category because here you need to see all drivers under it.                                                                                how-much-space-does-windows-10-take up (1)
  3. Once you have done it, right-click drivers and choose the properties.        how much space does windows 10 pro take up (1)
  4. After that Select, the Driver tabs then press the option “Update Driver.”
  5. Choose “Search automatically for the updated driver’s software.

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What do you think is the most helpful method for you to check the RAM?

The methods mentioned above will allow you to find out how much Ram do I have and how much Ram do I need. Most of the users find these methods very helpful to find information about the RAM and the news. How to check how much Ram you have is no more a complicated method. There is no need to look for any professional when you can get all the data by performing this method.

Note: but we will recommend you if you are unable to get the desired result for these processes, always seeks professional help. Sometimes you are looking for how much Ram do I have to install the software. If your computer has much of Ram but is still unable to perform the function, then there might be some other reason behind it.

Last Words

In the complete article, we shared all possible methods with sufficient details that will help you To Check How Much Ram You Have Windows 10.

If you will any problem have more queries about How To Check How Much Ram You Have Windows 10 then just type it in the comment box. We will reply to you and help you as soon as possible.

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