How to Crosspost on Reddit [Quick & Easy]

Cross-posting is when the same content or article appears on multiple information platforms, such as a group, forum, and mailing list. As a result, you will be able to attract new followers, increase your audience, and spread your content.

It is possible to crosspost on Reddit from both desktops and Android/IOS devices. Here’s How to Crosspost on Reddit.”

How to Crosspost on Reddit

How to Crosspost on Reddit [Quick & Easy]

A crosspost is a Reddit post that is posted in several different subreddits at the same time. If you wish to reach similar audiences, you may want to consider this approach. In other words, your content is visible to as many viewers as possible at once.

Crossposting means posting the same content to multiple subreddits at once. Posts are independent of each other. Likes and comments will appear in the subreddit in which they appear.

Crossposting differs from reposting because of this. The post is republished in the same subreddit when you repost on Reddit. On the other hand, crossposting means posting to a different subreddit.

Please, however, check the subreddit’s rules before crossposting. Not all subreddits allow crossposting. You should check the rules. You might get banned otherwise.

Crosspost on Reddit using a Web Browser

Using a PC or Mac web browser, you can crosspost to Reddit.

1. Go to the Reddit website. Browse the subreddits. You can access the subreddit manually or through the Reddit search bar.

2. To crosspost a post, open it on the subreddit’s page. Select the Share button below the content. Choose Crosspost from the drop-down menu.

3. Select the Crosspost button instead if you’re using the old Reddit interface.

4. From the Choose a community drop-down menu of the Create a crosspost menu, choose a subreddit to post your crosspost to. A greyed-out icon will appear on subreddits that cannot be posted to.

5. Select the Post button when you’re ready. Select Request to Post if you need approval first.

6. Crossposts will appear as posts with the Crossposted by tag in the new subreddit once they are approved.

Crosspost on Reddit using Mobile App

Reddit’s mobile app is also available for crossposting. Ensure that you’re signed in to Reddit with a valid account. Crossposting may not be possible until you have gained enough reputation on Reddit and the subreddit.

1. Launch the Reddit application. Find the subreddit to crosspost from using the search bar.

2. Click on the Share button under each postcard in the subreddit.

3. Click the Crosspost on Reddit option in the Share menu. You will need to follow a different set of instructions depending on whether you are using an Android or an iPhone.

4. Select the subreddit you want to crosspost from the Choose a community menu. Then click Post.

That’s it.

Final Words

This is all about how to Crosspost on Reddit. Having a crossposting strategy will help you break into Reddit and build up an audience.

You can automate your Reddit posts by scheduling them in advance. Alternatively, you can set up Reddit alerts to keep up with new posts yourself.

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