How to Delete Messages on Reddit? [Quick Method]

There are millions of registered users on Reddit, and they can post about a variety of topics. And, almost anything can be found on Reddit. And not only that, Reddit also offers its users the ability to chat with other Redditors via its messaging service.

Messages can also be deleted on Reddit. It is possible to use this functionality if you accidentally sent a message to the wrong person or just to keep your Inbox organized.

However, please take note that deleting Reddit messages received from others is not possible. Reddit messages sent and received by others are not deleted. Since a copy of these messages is stored in the recipient’s inbox until they delete them. Sending messages on Reddit therefore requires great care and caution.

Here is the guide to explain everything you need to know about how to delete messages on Reddit.

How to Delete Messages on Reddit:

How to Delete Messages on Reddit? [Quick Method]

In addition to browsing their favorite subreddits, the most active Reddit users also participate in various forums.

They comment on subreddits, offer feedback, and have interesting private conversations. There can be a lot going on in an inbox, so it needs to be cleaned up every once in a while.

In order to manage your inbox efficiently on Reddit, just as with any other messaging system, you need good inbox management skills. Fortunately, you can easily delete unwanted messages.

How to Delete Reddit Messages via Desktop Browser

1. Open your Reddit message inbox by logging into your Reddit account.

2. Find the message that you wish to delete and open it.

3. Select the message you want to delete and click the ‘delete’ button below it.

4. Press ‘yes’ when prompted to do so.

The only private messages you can delete are those from other redditors. Messages sent to other redditors or received by them cannot be deleted.

This means there is a copy of it in their private inbox until they delete it. Therefore, be cautious when sending PMs.

How to Delete Reddit Messages via Mobile App

Users of the Reddit mobile app can also delete their Inbox messages. Messages can be deleted on iOS and Android devices. Follow these steps to delete messages:

1. Install the Reddit app on your Android or iOS device.

2. Log in with a valid account.

3. Click on the chat box next to the post button.

4. Find the message that you want to delete.

5. When you long press on the message, you will see “Delete” and “Copy” options. Choose delete.

6. Tap again on the “Delete” button to delete the message.

Deleted PMs from the desktop browser are updated on your mobile device in the same way they are deleted from the mobile device. After deleting a message from one platform, the change will appear when you log into another.

How to Delete a Chat Message

There is a difference between the chat function and Reddit’s private message system. Reddit users can always delete their chats. There is, however, a different procedure depending on which platform you use to delete the chat message.

You need to make sure you hover over the chat message you wish to delete in the web browser. After that, you need to click on the trash icon.

If you want to retrieve a sent message from the iOS or Android apps, you must hold down the message. To delete the message, choose Delete message.

The deletion of a chat message will mean that it cannot be viewed by either side of the chat, not just by yourself.

Final Words

This is How to Delete Messages on Reddit. You can use the above methods to easily delete a message on Reddit using any device.

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