How to Delete Reddit Account [5 Easy Steps]

Are you one of the REDDIT active users, then you would like to learn about its privacy setting and how to delete Reddit account? Some you need to make the novel account and with a new start. So most of you operate this account via mobile, and some of you use desktop. But when it comes to the deleting of this account, it is over some hurdles. Instead of your active presence on Reddit, it makes you wonder how to delete my Reddit account. It is one of the questions that most users would like to know. So from its first step to the last, you will find everything in this blog. You will also learn the things you need to consider before removing or deleting Your REDDIT account.

How to Delete Reddit Account

How to Delete Reddit Account [5 Easy Steps]

Removing the Reddit account technically means deactivating the account. It is not the same as deactivating your account.  Deactivating means you can activate your account again whenever you want. But it is a little different. Here disabling means removing or deleting your account from Reddit completely. You will lose all the data and post and be unable to recover it. So when you learn how to delete a Reddit account, it means you have deactivated but are unable to reactivate it.

So if you are active in the Reddit account, it means it is your permanent decision. But it does not mean you can’t make a new account. You create it whenever you like. But creating the new account, you have to pick the new Username because you cannot choose the old one. So when following the steps mentioned below, you have to keep one thing in mind you are unable to recover your data after removing the Reddit account.

Important tips and points to remember:

Point to remember:

It is essential to note down that your post history will remain on Reddit.  So, once you remove the account from the Reedit you have no command on your old post and content, you cannot delete or make changes to it is because you are no more the owners of that post and content.

Here is the Tip:

It is best to remove all your content and post before deactivating or deleting the Reddit account. So if you do it, after deleting instead of the user name word, DELETED will appear on the Username.

Once you have deleted the post and decide to remove the Reddit account you need to follow the steps to learn how to delete Reddit account

These steps are simple but remember it is a permanent removal of your account. So, be careful and make up your mind before following these methods. There are 5 steps that you have to follow. So get ready to start with the first step. Take out your cell phone or turn on the desktop to find out how to delete Reddit account.

1st Step: Visit

You want to deactivate or delete the Reddit account because of any reason it does not matter what matters is to learn how to delete the Reddit account. 

  1. first, you have to get straight to the explorer and type and click hit enter on the keyboard.
  2. Rmebwe one thing Reddit does not allow the users to deactivate the account via mobile. To learn how to delete a Reddit account on mobile, you have to follow the given methods.
  3. These steps are simple and comfortable, and you will learn in a few minutes how to delete Reddit account. So let us move towards the 2nd step.

If you have an iPhone, I would recommend that you check out our post on How to delete a Reddit account on an iPhone

2nd Step: Login

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So once you have opened their website, you have to follow the steps :

  1.  After that open, the website and you have to log in to your Reddit account. To enter the password and Username in it and hit the option Login or you can also press enter from the keyboard. The Login option is present at the right top corner of the screen.
  2. Sometimes you are not using this application for a longer time and forget the password in such scenarios. For this, you have to change your password.
  3. To learn how to delete a Reddit account, it is necessary to log in to the account.
  4. So, first, you need to reset the password after that move to the next step of learning how to delete my Reddit account

3rd Step: User Setting

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Once you have entered in your Reddit account, you need to follow the steps mentioned below

  1. There is a drop-down menu to your Username. You need to click the drop-down option. In the drop-down menu, look for the option User setting.
  2.  So once you click on the option, User Setting moves towards the next step to finding out how to delete Reddit account.

4th Step: Deactivate the Account

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To Deactivate the account follow the steps:

  1. When you click on the User Setting, you will see various options.
  2. From the user setting, Hit on an option Deactivated account.
  3. The deactivate option is present at the bottom of the user setting page.
  4. So are you following? If yes, then move to the next step.

The 5th step is the last step in the process of how to delete reddit account. So get ready to delete the Reddit account.

5th Step: Enter the information

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So after following the above-mentioned steps move to the next.

  1. The pop-up window will appear on the screen that will ask for a few pieces of information like your password and user name.
  2. After that, it will give you the option of deleting the account.
  3. The nest you have to agree or check the message saying that this action is irreversible.

After performing the function, you have deactivated the Reddit account. Now you can recreate a new one in history and posts. The procedure of how to delete Reddit account is simple and does not need any professional help. Just open your mobile phone and follow the steps mentioned below.

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Last Words

After following the steps mentioned above, you can easily detective your Reddit account and make the new one. So get rid go the old account and make a new one with a new username. So take your business to a new level with this method. But remember, do not forget to read the heading point to remember and trips because it is necessary to go through from those points. Once you have deleted the account, you are unable to recover it or if you do not remove the post-it will appear as the DELETED user name.

Do let us know about these steps? Are they helpful? Is it to work for you? Do you face any issues with it? Most of the users find this method of deleting the Reddit account helpful. Stay tuned for more tips and technical procedures. So need to look for professional help when you find everything under one roof. Be the master of your own account you can make it you can remove it like a pro. 

So now you have learned all about how to delete your reddit account without any mess up. Feel free to ask any questions regarding it.

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