How to Delete Spotify Account Easily [Step wise]

Are you looking forwards to how to delete Spotify account? You do not want to enjoy music and podcast anymore on it. No worry because here is always the solution. Before getting into details, let us find out what Spotify is?

How to Delete Spotify Account

How to Delete Spotify Account Easily [Step wise]

It will become easy to delete the Spotify account. But first, you need to understand the complete process. So read this complete article on How to Delete Spotify Account without skipping any word.

What IS Spotify

It is the digital streaming services that provide clients access to thousands of videos, podcasts, and from the entire world. You can find videos, podcasts, and music of any artist on this platform like Amazon music and Apple Music.

Soon after it was launched, it had become the user’s favorite application. It was because of access to unlimited content for free. For their subscription, you will need to ding up via Facebook or us the email address. Are you not interested in a monthly subscription or the premium version? No worry because you can still enjoy its services without any commitments.

Is it free?

Maybe most of you are looking for how to delete Spotify account because of its fee? But do you know you can enjoy their services without cost? Please ensure you are using the new version for Android and iOS. If you are looking for their services for free, browsing accession, and assists the playlists will show the option to the “Shuffle Play.” on the iPad and Android tablets, you can play whatever you like.

Can you download the music and enjoy it?

Before finding out how to delete Spotify account, do you know how you can enjoy the song offline? After downloading the application and installs the app, you can enjoy Spotify freely. But here is one thing to get the music legally, and then you must subscribe to their offers. After getting the premium account, you can download the music and enjoy it offline.

Maybe you do not want to get the premium version only because listening to the music offline it ok. You can remove your account any time you like.

How to Delete a Spotify Account

Are you no longer interested in Spotify and looking for how to delete Spotify account, then you are in the right place. You can remove the account whenever you like. But here is one thing that you need to understand that you can only delete this account via a browser, not by the mobile application.

Make sure you know about the repercussions before receiving the account. You can also cancel your monthly subscription or premium without deleting the account.

Remember, if you are closing your account, then you would not be able to utilize the current username with the application. You have to use the new username. But the exciting thing is that you can still use the same email id to create a new account on Spotify.

One more thing, not only the username, but you also do not have the old playlist and your followers in account with the same email id. So before performing the procedure, be careful about these points. If you are ok with these, then move to how to delete Spotify account.

Here is one more thing. If you use a Spotify premium account with student discounts, you have to wait for one year. It is because before that you cannot reapply for this discount. If you agree to it, then let us move to the detailed steps of how to delete  Spotify account.

How to Delete Spotify Account

So get ready to find out how to delete the Spotify account like a pro. To start, you have to navigate first to Spotify’s customer care support.

 So here the steps:

  1. First, you need to log in to the account that you would like to remove.
  2. So now, click on the option Account. After that, open the setting of to delete a spotify account
  3. Now you have to check on the ” close the account.”
  4. Please do confirm you like to permanently close the account or want to cancel the premium or paid subscription.
  5. After an account that hits the option, Close the account. It is present in the left corner. Cancel or remove the subscriptions.
  6. It will direct the page that says, ” We feel sad that you are leaving us.” after that, you will follow the process of five steps to close or delete the to delete spotify account
  7. Make sure you are logged into the right account because after removing, you cannot undo the process. Check the button in blue” Continue” after every (1)

Note: Keep all the essential points in your mind while performing the deletion process because it will erase all the playlists and followers. Let us move further.

  1. When you try to delete the account, you would be warned by Spotify that after performing this, you will lose all the playlists and followers. By doing this, you are confirming your action of deleting the account. So here you need to hit the Continue option.
  2. The next page will open on this page you get the email. You receive the email in an account that you would like to remove, they will again ask for your reconfirmations. Because once deleting the account, there is no turning back.
  3. In the email, you will receive the link. You have to click on the link and check the option CLOSE MY SPOTIFY ACCOUNT.
  4. It looks like a green button, and you need to hit it within twenty-four hours after receiving the mail.

If you do not hit the green button, then you need to follow all the steps once again.

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Point to remember:

If you have subscribed for the premium version of Spotify, then you have to cancel it before closing the account. When deleting the account its means you have to get rid of all the playlists, download music, and other data. So you cannot listen to anything offline and online. So once you cancel the subscription, you cannot enjoy all the download music that will be unavailable.

Last Words: how to delete Spotify account

Now you have learned all steps of how to delete a Spotify account. Do let us know are these methods helpful for you? After the confirmation emails, you can easily remove the account. But do keep the consequences in mind.

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