How to Enable Screen Share on Discord?

Before getting into how to enable screen share on Discord to serve, we need to understand what Discord is. Most people are unaware of this application or software. Let us find out about discord and how to screen share on discord

How to enable screen share discord

How to enable screen share discord

We will learn everything that is important to enabling the screen share in discord. So let’s start the reading How to enable screen share discord from the detail.

What is Discord?

It is a free communication application or software. This software allows users to get in touch via videos, voice, and text.  This software is popular amongst the gamer because of many games; particularly those who play PVM and PVP kind of the game use this software to interact with teammates.

It is the package of text and voice features a platform that enables you to create a smaller or more extensive setup for chat, particularly for business, social, and gaming. There are also business groups on which they share their ideas, video, and much more. If you are new to Discord, this software offer screen sharing and video calling solution to you.

With this software, you can join and create communities that have similar concerns as you. Besides joining and creating the community, this software offers multiple features like discord screen share audio and video. So this blog you will find out all about how to screen share on discord.

Before learning, it is important to understand the thing of which we are going to learn. So now have the details of discord and it’s time to learn How to enable screen share discord.

Do live chat

You can do a live chat with your teammates or business partner. But the question is, “what different Discord offering?”  Do you know Discord offer discord screen share features? You and nine other people can go for the live video while sharing the same desktops. These incredible features are present on Discord. For this, you do not need to install any additional features. All you need to download the discord to utilize the discord screen sharing feature. These features of Discord are beneficial and use full when conducting online business meetings. And it offers the best quality in video and audio sharing.

discord screen share for video

To start this, you first need to check your video hardware and drivers all set up on Discord Client. Check the microphone and ready your webcam for video chat.

Camera/ Video Setting

For this, you need to access the setting page. For this, you need to press right-click on the user name. This user name option is present in the lower left-side of the Discord interface.

  • On the left menu press on App Setting. After pressing the App, Setting chooses Voice and Video option. Here you can customize the setting as you want for voice and video chat.
  • Scroll down to a Video setting and opt for video cameras.
  • On the right side, you will see the option Test Video. Click on this to check your cameras are functioning correctly or not.
  • Are you using a browser app ( discord) tan enable access to the camera? and press Allow Button
  • By doing this, it allows Discord to access the computer or phone’s camera and microphone.

Once you did this then your half of the work done. You will learn half of How to enable screen share discord easily. 

discord screen share audio and video

Once you have started the video call, there are many features to use.

During the video call, you need to click on Arrow. By clicking on the Arrow, it will expand the screen to the maximum.

from video to share screen discord

At the bottom of the screen, you will see more options. The next icon at the bottom of the discord screen will provide the choice of swapping from the video to allowing screen share. You must know about the Video call image by now. On the left side of the screen, there is a share screen option or icon. You can change between these two options any time between the call.

Leave Call Icon

There is another option called “LEAVE CALL.” By pressing this button, you can drop the call.

User Setting and Mute Toggles

On the right side of “LEAVE CALL, “there is another icon like a microphone. It is a “MUTE TOGGLE” by this you can unmute and mute the microphone. Adjacent to the Leave Mute Toggle, there is another icon of “User Setting.”

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discord screen sharing

For discord screen share you need to follow the below-mentioned steps. After these steps, you will be learned How to enable screen share discord so read the steps carefully.

Step 1

how-to-screen-share-on-discord (1)

At the left core of the bar press on a friend, you like to screen share discord with.

The 2nd step

how_to_screen _share_on_discord (1)

Adjacent to the name of the person, you will see the phone icon. You need to press on the phone icon if you like to discord screen sharing with.

The 3rd step:

how to screen share on discord (1)

Once you have opened the call interference option, press the screen share. It is the monitor icon present on the left side.

The 4th step:

It is the final and last step in discord screen sharing. From this, you will completely understand how to enable a screen share on the discord server. Once you press the discord screen share option, the window will pop up. You need to press a screen image, present in a middle of a window, right above the screen. Once you have completed this action, you are sharing the screen with colleagues, teammates, and friends. By this, you allow them to notice and see every action of yours.

Follow these 4 steps then you can easily enable a screen share on discord. You have read the last four steps of How to enable screen share discord and now you do it easily.

For Updated Version

If you are using an updated version of Discord that is Discord Nitro, you can choose the resolution and can higher the rate of the frame.  Anyway, it is straightforward to discord screen share with your friends and teammates. It is not difficult and takes less time.

Now you have learned How to enable screen share discord and you can do it easily in some seconds.

You will always get updates on our site and you can also visit the discord‘s site to see the details as well.

Last Words

We have read the complete article and now we have learned How to enable screen share discord so you can open the discord and enjoy it. But first, share this article with your friends also so that they can also learn to enable screen share on discord.

If you have any questions related How to enable screen share discord then you can ask us with the help of comment box.

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