How to Fix a Windows 10 Automatic Repair Loop

Hey, is your window 10 stuck in windows 10 automatic repair loop issue? It has been two days that you are unable to fix the issues and looking for some reliable solutions. Here are some questions before the solution of How to Fix a Windows 10 Automatic Repair Loop.

Have you done anything differently while restarting your PC?


When you open the PC, your screen is showing automatic repair loop windows. After then it automatically rebooted and went into the automatic repair loop window 10.

If you are suffering from these issues, then do not worry because we have the right solution for you.

How to Fix a Windows 10 Automatic Repair Loop


How to fix a windows 10 automatic repair loop

The solution of How to fix a windows 10 automatic repair loop depends on the type of your problem. If you want to fix the windows 10 automatic repair loop then you need to understand why and for which reason it is happening in your pc.

Pick the One

There are two types of scenarios when it comes to the windows 10 automatic repair loop 2019. So depending upon the situation the solution to these issues is different.

  • Black Screen
  • Blue Screen

Scenario One:

If your monitor screen turns black or stuck at preparing automatic repair loop windows 10 no need to panic because here are the solutions. Black screen, it makes you unable to use  the function like “built-in repair.” So in such cases, you need Window Installation Media help. Here are some solutions for you.

1st Method: Perform the Hard Reboot

Whenever your laptops are not responding to any command, you need to perform a hard reboot. It is the Method of restarting the PC manually. In this, you do not use any soft resets or the operating system. Performing the hard reboot for automatic repair loop windows is ready. Hold and press power on a laptop. Wait for a few seconds because it takes some time to shut down the PC. After doing this, restart your Laptop and check for any issues.

2nd Method: Reset or Restart Pc

Reset or Restart pc to fix automatic repair loop

The best Microsoft solution to the windows 10 automatic repair loop 2019  is to reset or refresh the Personal Computer directly because your Laptop enters in Reboot repair mode.

According to Microsoft, you need to hold and press the power button of the PC. It would be best if you did this 3 times forcefully because by doing this system will enter the repair boot. When you come in troubleshoot popup window, choose the option to troubleshoot. After that, pick the restart and reset.

If you still fail to do this, then switch to the next Method.

3rd Method: Reinstallation via DD/CD 

startup settings windows 10 fix

Is your Laptop is stuck and showing the message windows 10 automatic repair loop on the Laptop? Here is one more solution for you. It would be best if you did windows reinstallation via DD /CD because it is necessary when the display is black. Once you enter the CD, you go in in the SAFE MODE.

Step1: first, you need to connect the Installation Media to your computer.

Step 2: After that, select the boot from a window installation media from your screen.

Step3. Wait for a few minutes because, at that time, the file loads.

Step 4: In your window setup, press the option “NEXT.”

Step 5: In Setup Window pick the option

    1. Repair your computer
    2. Troubleshoot
    3. Advanced option
    4. Startup setting

Step 6: After that, you need to pick the Safe mode to enter.

4th Method: 

If any system files are damaged or missing from the computer, it might be the reason for the windows 10 automatic repair loop. Do you know the window offer the Checker tool? It allows users to find out and repair the corrupted and missing system files. For this, you again require the installation.

Step 1: You need to connect the Installation Media to a Laptop or computer.

Step 2: pick a boot from it. Again wait for some minutes.

In step 3: In your Window setup, pick the option “NEXT.”

Step 4: Follow the option below

    1. Repair your PC
    2. Troubleshoot
    3. Advanced option
    4. Command prompt

Step 5: After that, type the “SFC/scannow and press the button enter. Exit from that window and restart your Laptop or computer.

Method 5:

Bootrec is the tool that will help you with the window 10 automatic repair loop. The other name for this tool is bootrec.exe.utility. Microsoft office provides these tools in a Windows Recovery Environment. So here the few steps by which you can fix the issues by using Bootrec

Step 1: Same as step 1,2,3, and 4 of method 4

Step2: you need to enter the lines mentioned below in Command Prompt.

bootrec /fixboot

bootrec /scanos

bootrec /fixmbr

bootrec /rebuildbcd


Step 3: You need to restart the PC.

6 Method: Disable Automatic Repair

There are chances that automatic repair is the culprit. The best thing is to disable the automatic command repair. Here are some steps that you need to follow:

Step1: read step one of method 4

Step 2: same as Method 4

Step 3: same as the last Method

Step 4: Same as Method 4

Step5: enter the bcdedit /set {current} recoveryenabled No. in command prompt. Exit.

Step 6: restart

7th Method: Extend a System Partition

For some items, there is not enough space to perform the Command. Sometimes because your PC drive is almost full and faces the issues like preparing automatic repair loop windows 10. To deals with these issues, you need to create some space. Use the extend a system partition tool on your pc.

Scenario Two:

Automatic Repair loop fix toubleshoot windows 10

Is your window screen turns blue this time? Unlike scenario one, you do not require any Installation Media because you can see the advance option.

1st Method: Restore Window

How to restore window

Step 1: Pick the “Advanced Option” on a blue screen and select the

    1. Troubleshoot
    2. Advanced setting
    3. Command Prompt

Step 2: you need to select the account and type the password.

Step 3: enter C:

CD Windows\System32

CD config


CD regback



REN default default1

ren sam sam1

ren security security1

ren software software1

ren system to system1

CD regback

copy * c:\windows\system32\config, in Command Prompt

Step 4: after type “exit.” in a ” Choose an option” window. Pick turn off the option. After that, restart the PC.

2nd Method: system restore

Have you created the restore point before the window 10 automatic repair loop issues? If yes, then you can go for the restore option.

1s step: Select the following option

    1. Advanced options in a blue window
    2. Troubleshoot
    3. Advanced option
    4. system restore

Step 2 Pick the resort point

Step 3: wait for a few minutes because the restoring process is running at the back.

3rd Method: Image Recovery

How to system image recovery

Have you created the system image on the external device before issues like automatic repair loop windows 10? If yes, then go for the System Image Recovery method because it is one of the simple methods.

Step1: You need to connect the external device on which you stored the image to the pc.

Step2: select the 

    1. Advanced option
    2. Troubleshoot
    3. Advances option
    4. System image recovery

Step 3: Select the System Image recovery.

Step 4: then Re-image the computer wizard

Step 5: Restart the pc.

4the Method: Early launch Anti-malware Protection

If you are still facing the issues “windows 10 automatic repair loop,” then disable anti-malware protection. You can perform it from the Command prompt options in the window boot menu’s options; it will appear once you return the PC several times.

Step 1:  Select the option

    • Advanced option
    • Troubleshoot
    • Advanced options
    • Startup settings

After your PC will restart and show multiple options.

Step 2: disable the early launch anti-malware protection.

Step 3: Restart the PC.

In the nutshell

If you are unable to fix the automatic repair loop windows 10 issues then reinstalling Windows 10 is the last option. People avoid reinstalling it because it erases all of your data and files. Mostly most of the user fixes the issues by using mentions mentioned above. To avoid data loss, always recover the data before reinstallation.

You have read all ways and solutions of How to fix a windows 10 automatic repair loop. This is the article that can help you a lot follow and try each method to solve the problem.

You can also try to reach out the windows 10 or Microsoft support to solve your problem. You can ask them that How to Fix a Windows 10 Automatic Repair Loop and if they failed to solve your problem then we are here for you. 

Final Words

I hope that you have got the perfect solution to your problem of the automatic repair loop in windows 10. If any question and query remain in your mind and the answer to that question is not available in this article. Then feel free to tell us about it via comment box.

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