How to Italicize on Reddit? [In 3 Easy Ways]

The Reddit community is the biggest discussion board on the web. Millions of people use it and there are thousands of subreddits.

However, in Reddit, you can only use text in your posts and comments. Markdown, however, gives you the option to add formatting to your posts.

How to Italicize on Reddit

As a text formatting language, Markdown is known for its simplicity and intuitiveness. And in this article, we will show how to italicize on Reddit which will help you become a pro-Reddit user.

How to Italicize on Reddit

How to Italicize on Reddit

You will likely not need to use Markdown on the new Reddit desktop interface since it has a visual editor built-in.

However, if you are using Reddit’s official mobile app, you will still probably need to use Markdown.

Italicize on Reddit App

1. Launch Reddit. You can download the Reddit app from the Play Store or App Store if you don’t already have it. Simply enter your username and password to log in.

2. Start a new text post or visit the post you wish to comment on. Click on Post for an interesting post. Select Text. Then tap Share your thoughts. Type your title. Select Describe in more detail to compose your post.

3. Write your post. Start typing your message.

4. Now add an asterisk (*) to both the front and back of the words you want to italicize.

5. Now click on Post. Your message is displayed here in italic type with correctly formatted words.

Other Formatting Options

Headings and Sections

The font size varies depending on the browser. On Reddit, this is actually a way to separate different sections of a text post.

It is usually used for posts that are too long, like guides or timeline posts. It has three sizes: Header 1, Header 2, and Header 3.

Automated Links

When creating a link within your text, you should use brackets like this ‘[text]’. Include the link in parentheses immediately after. A link scheme that includes either ‘HTTP’ or ‘HTTPS’ must be used.

Additionally, Reddit can automatically create links for you. To do this, type ‘u/’ followed by a Reddit user’s username. A link will appear with that user’s name.

Enter a subreddit name after typing ‘r/’. This will create a link to the community.

They are both a bit case-sensitive, however. Make sure you type both names in lowercase and in the correct order.

Quotes and Codes

Quotes and Codes

You must put a ‘>’ before the text if you are quoting another user or any other source. You can use nested quotes in that quote by using the ‘>>’ sign before the text.

If you wish to turn a text into a code, simply add () to the beginning and end of the text.

Line Breaks

Line Breaks

Here are the ways in which you can add line breaks, lines, dividers to your text.

The basic rule for single line breaks is that they should be formed by four spaces ( ).

Line breaks or paragraph breaks consist of two spaces, whereas double line breaks consist of one space. You must press Enter twice to accomplish this.

The line divider can be obtained by using three asterisks ‘***’. Line dividers are created by creating a horizontal line.


In your text, you can create an unordered list by placing an asterisk (*), plus sign (+), or minus sign (-) before each item.

Each item should have a line break. If you wish to number the items, put a period before each number ( 1., 2.). In this way, the items are numbered from 1 to the items corresponding to the numbers.

Non-ascending lists cannot be created. Whenever you create a list, it will begin with number 1.

Final Words

This is all about how to italicize on Reddit. All you have to do is memorize these signs and their respective jobs on Reddit. And then, you will never face any issue writing a post.

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