7 Easy Steps on How to Quote on Reddit [for PC, Android & iOS]

Reddit is one of the Internet’s most popular sites. Also, it has the least amount of censorship. Users can express themselves freely. The multitude of content available on Reddit includes text, images, and videos posted regularly.

The majority of users prefer to use quotes to reply to quotes from the original post or to comments underneath the post. At first, it can be quite confusing to quote text on the official app or the official website. You can, however, quote users and post text to Reddit by following the steps below.

How to Quote on Reddit

How to Quote on Reddit [For Android & iOS]

It is common to see the quote feature in many forums. The one here is not much different. To comment on a line or to respond to it, users can quote the text of other people. You might not know what you are replying to if someone has written many lines.

Users can identify the line to which they are replying using quotation marks. It is not a difficult process and can be accomplished in just a few steps.

And, not only can you quote posts, but you can also quote comments. This platform is easy to understand even if you are a new user.

It follows a very similar process to other social media sites. Certain commands, however, may be unfamiliar to you. Thousands of people use this feature on Reddit every day. To recognize it, look for the short gray line.

Quotes in a web browser are different from those in a mobile device. However, using the feature is very simple.

How to Quote on Reddit Using Website

Reddit offers an easy way to quote with the following built-in options.

1. Go to your computer’s browser. Log into Reddit with your username and password.

2. Locate the post you wish to insert a quote into.

3. Navigate to the “comments” section. Locate the comment which you would like to quote.

4. To quote a comment, select it and copy it.

5. You now need to click on Reply. Click on the three dots.

6. Among the options, you’ll find the “Quote” icon. Select it.

7. On the reply section, a gray line will appear. You can now paste your comment. Click “Reply” to send it.

Your own text can also be quoted. You can quote on Reddit by following the above method.

How To Quote On Reddit App

In the mobile app, Reddit doesn’t offer the same options that they provide in their browser to quote text. But there is a simple way to quote text and reply to it. For this purpose, you can use either an Android phone or an iPhone. You can follow these steps:

For Android

The quote feature is available natively on most Android phones. Simply select a text and select the quote option from the options menu. The following steps will show you how to do the same on Reddit and quote text:

1. Go to your phone’s Reddit app. Sign in.

2. Select the post or comment you wish to quote and respond to.

3. Select “Reply”. Tap where you want to quote from the post or comment.

4. Underline the first and last words of the text that you want to copy. There should now be a hovering horizontal menu with a variety of options.

5. Click “Quote” to cite the highlighted text. You can reply it as normal.

For iOS

There is no way to access the quoting feature on iOS devices like you can on an Android phone or a browser. Reddit still offers a way for you to quote text that works on iPhones and Android phones. Follow these steps to find out how:

1. Click the “Reply” button. To quote and comment on a part of the text or post, select it and click on it.

2. After copying the text, type >. Paste the quoted text after that.

Adding more “>” before applying the text allows you to nest multiple quotes.

Hopefully, this will make quoting the text easier. Your iPhone or iPad should allow you to reply to parts of the comment or the original posting.

Final Words

You can clarify the part of your reply by quoting from comments and posts before you reply. Now, you can quote text on Reddit, no matter what device you use.

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