How to Raid on Twitch [Full Easy Guide]

The Internet never stops to surprise the gamer with new software and technologies. Like Steam, it is another platform for players. It is the medium that allows all game lovers to interact with their other follows. It is live streaming media for all of you. You can chat and watch along with other fans from the entire world. But do you know how to raid on twitch?

Before getting into how to raid in twitch, lets us find out more about this fantastic platform for game lovers.

How to Raid on Twitch

How to Raid on Twitch [Full Easy Guide]

As you know, it is the online website that permits the user to products to live or watch pre-recorded or live to a stream of other video games. Is not it interesting to allow you to learn the skills of other players? Do you know it also includes the audio commentary from another player? The most interesting thing is that on the edge of the screen you can also see their videos through their webcam. 

Are you a game lover and looking for these fantastic websites? Then login into the twitch to get the mind-blowing gaming experience.

What is RAID?

 You are already using the twitch, and then you must be looking for an answer on how to raid on twitch. Do you know what Raid is? It is essential to understand the Raid then move further in this article. Raid supports steamer to send opinions on other channels. You do it at the end of every video to open their potential audience to the new channel and also have little fun and joy along away.

Do you know raiding the channel is the best way to help the other user to expand her or his community? So now you understand about Twitch Raid. You can say that it is like a push to channels of others. If you are the host, you can introduce to the gamers fallow about the channels and their features. So it is the perfect medium to share your thoughts about the channel and give it a shout-out! All you need to do is to press some button, and the followers receive the channel automatically that you are trying to raid. 

What is the difference between the Host and Raid?

Is not it interesting? But here is one thing that you must be clear before moving to how to raid on twitch, is the difference. You need to understand the difference between the host and the reason on your channel.

 Hosting someone shows their steam. Remember it is on the channel. The difference comes in a chat. It is a point that you need to read carefully. With the host, receivers take viewers, but those receivers are on hosting the conversation.

If you talk about the Raid, by this, you can throw the viewers into an entirely different stream. It includes a move to their original chat.

So far, you have understood the difference between these two. Now let us move to the most critical question on how to raid on twitch.

How To Raid on Twitch

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The Twitch raid supports you in sharing the fans with other streamers. By doing this, you are helping your friends or other fallows to expand their audience. It is the perfect medium to help your friend or to expand your new channel. Do you know, it can also convince another streamer to return a favor. So it is essential to learn how to raid on twitch

Are you ready to find out how to do a raid on twitch? Before learning to remember one thing. It may take a little longer to be the master of this thing in the right manner. So get ready to dig into it.

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How to Do a Raid on Twitch

Now it is the right time to jump into the procedure of learning about getting raid. You need to follow the few steps to learn how to raid on twitch. These steps are simple but require your concentration.

Before starting the step, you have to choose the raid target. It is excellent to choose the channel that has little less can as compare to your channel.

For instance, if you have around 30 fans, then look for the channel that has 10 or 15 fans. Mostly streamer prefers to raid their friend’s channel. Remember one thing you must watch the channel before raiding.

You must make sure you’ have watched the stream before. Remember exposing the fans to the channel that is entirely different from you may create a dip in your count of subscribers. So keep these pointers in mind before raiding.

Let us Start Twitch Raid

  1. Announce it: So never surprise your audience. They are your friends and followers. It is there right to know everything in advance. Tell them that you are sending the viewers to the other channel. So do tell them before starting the raid because it is their right. If you do not tell them beforehand, then you may lose a bunch of subscribers.
  2. Choose a phrase then share it: Remember one thing that twitch raid performs best when your guests begin chatting immediately. So you can do this by choosing something exciting and simple for them. It is because they can start chatting instantly after arriving at the new channel. One more thing always keeps the snappy topic and short. I just need to speak out the word or phrase, and that’s it.
  3. Type the “/raid.” also the channel name: by doing this, you are telling Twitch that you are prepared to get started. So move to the next step after that
  4. You need to wait: Once you have follows all steps from 1 to 3, then wait for a few seconds to say 10 seconds. Why is there a delay? It is because it helps the viewer’s bail. Sometimes viewers do not like to go to the new channel to raid with you. So do not be impatient and wait. Let us move to the next step.
  5. Raid Now: You have to hit the option RAID NOW. After doing this, the raid will start
  6. Decide to go or stay: Do you want to stay and be part of this? If yes, then it is excellent. If you are not into these things, then you can hit the option LEAVE. Hey, if you have changed the mind any time, you can hit the option JOIN.

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So now you have to learn how to raid on Twitch.

How to do a raid on twitch and make more out of it

Now you have learned how to raid on twitch. Remember, one thing, sometimes you can be raided. If you get raided, it is one of the best opportunities to make new followers on the twitch. But for these you have to perform these four right now. So once your friend starts the raid for you, follow these steps.

Raids Starts:

  1. Thank Raiders: It is best to call his or her name while thanking. It leaves a good impression on the raider.
  2. Have you welcomes the new fan: Your fans and followers your life. You need to thank them for following you. So do take their name comment on their handles personally. By doing this, you will make a reliable follower.
  3. Describe everything: Your new followers do not know anything about you. So it is your responsibility to educate them about yourself. Provide them your introduction in the one-sentence description and the name.
  4. Crush the Feed: Always deliver the best to the audience. Relax, do not panic, and give something engaging and innovative to them.

If you think raid is going in the wrong direction on twitch and it is not helpful anymore the follow these options right away

  1. Switch to the follower chat: You can change the opportunity to “only the followers’ can text or message you.” you have to check on the GEAR in the choice of the chat. Do you know you can specify for how long time one can follow you? So be careful!
  2. You can ban any raider: for this, you have to open the setting CHAT. Click on the RECENT RAIDSand hit the option BAN. That’s it now you have banned that person.how_to_raid_on_twitch (1)
  3. You can stop raids: if you think everyone is targeting you, then it better to stops the raids. You can perform its function by opening the DASHBOARDS. From there, limit the person for raiding. You can keep the ban as long as you want. You can allow your teammates, followers, friends, and others to raid you or not.

Last Words

How to Raid on Twitch

Now you have learned how to raid someone on twitch. Do let us know are these methods helpful or not? Gaming is always fun when you know how to operate each software correctly.

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