How to Search for Users on Reddit? [Full Guide]

Reddit allows you to participate in different kinds of online debates and discussions. It is currently one of the most popular website on the internet.

There are smaller subreddits that make up Reddit. Subreddits are groups with a specific focus. In a Subreddit, they usually discuss only one topic.

Karma also plays a big part in their system. Each time a user posts something or engages with someone else’s post, they earn Karma points.

You can learn how to search for users on Reddit if don’t know yet. Read this article for a complete guide to getting started.

How to Search for Users on Reddit

Thousands of posts and comments are posted every day on Reddit. It is a huge website with many subreddits. It’s therefore a good idea to become familiar with Reddit’s search engine if you want to locate a specific user.

Using the Search Bar

You can do this from the desktop website as well as the mobile app.

1. Use any browser, or the Reddit app.

2. Enter the exact username of the person you are looking for in the search box at the top of the homepage. Click on the search button.

3. Find the heading “Communities” or “Communities and Users” on the results page. It will provide a list of users and subreddits matching your search.

The one that begins with “u/” followed by your username is the one you are looking for. To find a Samuel, you would search u/Samuel.

4. To view the profile of that person, click their name. The comment and thread history of this user can be viewed here, or you can also send them a message.

It is the easiest way to locate someone. Even when you have the right name, not all users appear when you search for them.

You can use a workaround in this case.

Using a Profile URL

The only thing you need is an internet browser to do this.

1. Launch any web browser. On the top of your browser, click or tap the URL bar.

2. There is a similar URL for every Reddit profile. Go to The username you’re looking for should be replaced with “username”.

3. Visit the URL. You will then be taken to the profile of the user you searched for. You can read their posting history here, and you can also message them.

How to Search Reddit for Subreddits

According to the style of your Reddit design, the search bar will be located somewhere different. The search bar is at the top-right when using the old Reddit design.

You’ll find it at the top of the central column if you’re using the new Reddit design.

Here you can type what you want to see. Then press Enter. Reddit searches for reddits, users, and posts containing your search term will show when you enter it into its search bar.

Alternatively, you can visit the subreddit page if you only want to search those. You can manage your subscriptions here. You can also search for new communities by using the search box.

Modifiers and Operators

Reddit’s advanced search also allows you to use the following modifiers:

  • title:[text] only looks for titles of posts.
  • author:[username] only searches posts made by the specified username.
  • selftext:[text] only searches self-posted posts.
  • subreddit:[name] only displays posts that were posted in the subreddit community.
  • url:[text] searches only for posts that are not self-posted.
  • site:[text] searches only for posts with non-self-posted domain names.

You can also refine your search by using boolean operators.

AND means the two sides must be true at the same time. Meanwhile, an OR statement requires only one side to be true.

When searching for terms that contain a complex mixture of ANDs and ORs, you can group modifiers together using parentheses ().

How to Search Reddit Comments

You may have noticed that you cannot search Reddit comments on the main website. This is at least the case at the time of writing.

However, it is still possible to search Reddit comments. For this, there’s no need to use Reddit; instead, we need to use third-party tools.

PushShift Reddit Search is one of the best tools available. You can search through comments from Reddit on this website. It can even do much more than that. Try this search engine instead of Reddit’s if you’re frustrated with it.

Be sure to select “Search” from the first row of options if you’d like a Reddit comment search. Make sure to uncheck “Posts”. Then choose “Comments”.

Make sure you select the time span you would like to search within on the third row. Type your search terms in the “Search Terms” box.

Subreddits can be searched by entering them into the “Subreddits” field. Posts linked to specific domains will be found in the “Domains” field. When you’re looking through comments, you don’t need to fill out this form.

Clicking “Search” makes Pushshift search Reddit. A list of all comments matching your search query will appear.

Final Words

This is how to search for users on Reddit. You can easily search for any user or sub-reddit using the methods above. No matter which device you are using, the methods will work for all.

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