How to See Deleted Reddit Posts [Revealed]

Reddit is one of the most popular and largest networks of communities. You can find all the information you need regarding any aspect of your passion in this community, along with the latest news regarding it.

Users can also discuss content that other users have posted on the site, making it one of the biggest sources of information. Information can be found on practically every subject.

So, are you interested in viewing deleted posts and comments on Reddit? Here’s How to see deleted Reddit posts.

How to See Deleted Reddit Posts

How to See Deleted Reddit Posts [Revealed]

The message board enables people to share different kinds of information and mainly to discuss hot topics in different fields.

An example would be finding out about the latest release of a smartphone. And then deleting it shortly after that.

Even comments from trusted sources get deleted when they vote for a piece of news before it is announced officially.

However, it is impossible for us to conclude that the users have deleted their own posts. Some of the possible reasons for this action are as follows:

  • The information posted or commented on subreddits is moderated to ensure it does not harm another member.
  • Moderators may also discover other aspects that do not follow their rules. They are therefore removed from the Reddit platform.
  • Posts and comments on Reddit can be flagged as spam by the service itself
  • Last but not least, the user might have realized his error and removed his post

There may be a reason, such as safety, but readers who have already read the post may wish to go back and read it again.


If you want to read deleted posts and comments from Reddit, Removeddit is the most widely known and popular website to use.

It provides various ways of reading deleted posts and comments. This allows Reddit to cache a lot of its content for its users.

The deleted posts and comments can be read directly on the website with just a few steps. The instructions are provided on the website.

Go to the Reddit website. Find the person or the post’s URL.

You should now remove the word “Reddit” from the URL. It should be replaced with the word “removed”. Run that URL afterward

All posts and comments associated with the URL will be displayed to you

The deleted comment will appear with a blue background once it is removed. The removed comments will appear in red.


The website Ceddit offers a quick way to view deleted comments on Reddit and is a great option. Almost all deleted comments are recovered.

Each deleted comment is highlighted in red. In many ways, Ceddit is like Removeddit, and the process and results are the same.

You just need to replace “r” with “c” in “”. The result will be “”.

Here’s an example of a simple URL for a post:


Then replace “r” with “c” to get the following:


As a result, the website will be opened and you will be able to see the red highlighting of deleted comments.


With Resavr, you can easily view deleted comments on Reddit’s platform in one of the most user-friendly interfaces.

Most people use this despite its ability to save comments only longer than 650 characters. Surely, a long comment will contain some important information.

This is quite a positive move for the website to recover only the longer comments and delete the shorter ones. This will free up more server storage. The comment can also be easily found without having to read all the comments.

At a glance, you can view all the popular content that was added to the system recently when you visit the website. Alternatively, you can use the post title in the search bar to locate the required comment.

Wayback Machine

An incredible feature of the website allows it to save copies of all the websites on the Internet. However, you may not find the entire information you are seeking.

Despite that, you can certainly trust it since the amount of data they save for each website is quite astonishing.

There is a high likelihood of finding the post or comment that you want. Additionally, they have archive versions of many popular websites with vast amounts of data.

Each member of this patrol will crawl multiple times through Reddit threads as part of the process.

The Wayback Machine allows you to access archival Reddit posts quite easily. You can see the archived data only by visiting the official website. Search for the posts based on the data or date. You’ll easily find what you’re looking for.

Final Words

This is all about How to see deleted Reddit posts. You can use the websites mentioned above to read all the deleted and archived comments on Reddit.

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