How to update graphics driver windows 10 Easily

Most of you are not familiar with Windows 10. When it comes to the driver, you stuck there and looked for a professional helo, such as how to update graphics driver windows 10. I ti is the most common issue with beginners. It is not an easy job for most of you when it comes to updating the driver. But here, you will find a complete guide on how to update graphics driver windows 10. It is not a complicated process, but it needs little concentration.

How to update graphics driver windows 10

How to update graphics driver windows 10

Usually, we are needed to upgrade the graphic drivers manually. Sometimes these drivers update automatically when Windows update itself. Sometimes it is the software updater that will keep you updated with the new updates of the drivers.

Sometimes you need to perform this function by yourself because of any reason. Whenever this sort of situation occurs, most of you rush to the professionals for help. But do you know you can learn how to update graphics driver windows 10?

How to Update Graphics Driver Windows 10 

So get ready to find out how to update my graphics card driver windows 10. The steps for it are as simple as you think. It does not require any professional knowledge—all you need to follow the steps with high concentration.

This method is for Windows 10 uses. For this, you need to click on the options start. It is present at the bottom of the screen. From the start menu, you have to open the Winx Meny. Form WinxMenu chooses the option Device Manager.

After that, you have to expand the Display Adapters. It is because of looking at the details of the Graphic Card. You can see your Graphic card there. So you can install two graphic ards together. So that you can switch as per the requirements. Here is my case I have Inter(R) HD Graphics. So here you will find about Intel. You can apply this step for NVIDIA card drivers. From on this, you have to follow the steps that are mentioned below

Once you have open, the Device manager goes to the option display adapters.

So from there, click on the Intel drivers and check the option Update drivers. So get ready to find out about how to update graphics driver windows 10, disable, update or roll back, and much more.

Once you click on the option update drivers, your PC search for new updates and update the driver automatically, so, the laptop or the pc download and also install the drivers. There is no need to perform any other function.

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Once you have updated or installed the Graphic driver, the computer will ask you to restart the Personal Computer.

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After this, you have to restart the laptop or pc and OOLA! Your Graphic card is updated. Is it not a secure method to perform this function?

If you have the NVIDIA Geforce drivers, there is another way to update them. You can also update the Intel driver by this method.

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Here we are discussing the NVIDIA GeForce.

Here you have to type the GeForce in a search option present in the start menu. From there choose here GeForce experience. Once you have done this, the application is launched on the computer.

You can click right on the system icon and look for the Updates option.

If there is any graphic driver update that is available, see the notification popup on the screen.

Here you need to click on it, and NVIDIA GeForce will open. After that, you have to check on the option download in green color, and it will install the installation and automatically download it.

It is for NVIDIA USER:

If you are not the intent graphic card user but an NVIDIA user, here is something essential for you. If you are using the NVIDIA GeForce, it may ask you to log in via Google or Facebook account. This something very much irritating for the users and also time-consuming. It is because they ask for the extra information to access the Google/Facebook accounts and also the email verification.

But do you know there is another way to look for drivers updated and downloads for the system on the internet? You can search the name of the drivers on the website. It is best to check the manufactures site for updates.

You can also visit the site of NVIDIA to know more about it. Where you will get the all details about drivers.

Last Words: how to update graphics driver windows 10

Now you have learned all about how to update graphics driver windows 10. These methods are simple, and anyone can follow them. The NVIDIA steps that we have mentioned are also, authentic, and tested. Many users have tried this method of upgrading the Intel, and NVIDIA graphic cards via these methods. Are these methods are useful for you or not?  Do let us know about your experiences about it.

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