Windows 12 Release Date and Updated Features

Every time Microsoft comes up with innovative ideas and approaches. This time they are releasing Windows 12. But what is Windows 12 release da? There many miss consumption about the release date of windows. It is confirmed that Microsoft launched Windows 12 somewhere n 2020, along with other new updates and features. As per Microsoft, the Windows 12 release date is somewhere in October and April of 2020.  Now you have seen they have not launched windows 12 in April. 

Windows 12 release date and updated features

Windows 12 release date and updated features

There are many ways by which you can still use the latest version of Windows 12. So we need to install the windows from scratch. You can perform it by updating the ISO file. Another way of achieving this function is to uninstall your current Window and install the new Window. You must be wondering the latest version of the Window will support the program and software on which you are performing your daily task. Is it advisable to install Windows 12?

For all of you looking for the Windows 12 release date and feature, this article is for you.

Windows 12 release date

If you want to enjoy the latest Windows 12, get ready to find out about the Windows 12 release date. The release date of Windows 12 is July 29, 2020. Many windows users have started the process of shifting to or installing the Win on the system. Unlike windows, this time Microsoft manages to make every user, please.

File Explorer File Dark

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As you in the last version of Dark Mode of Windows 12 features on a Win 1 includes the Calculator, Groove Music, Microsoft edge, setting another win 12 Application. Though, on WIN 12 update, Microsoft complements the shortcoming by introducing the element to the File Explorer.

Those who use the dark mode and prefer at work night can experience superior advancement in this regard. Do you know you can also perform file execution and processing files via the context menu with the dark display background with light writing?

Now you find out about the Windows 12 release date and it’s time to learn more about the updated features of WIN 12.

Clipboard history

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There is another exciting feature by Win 12 update, the clipboard History addition. Whenever you perform the function of cut and paste, this command is saved on the clipboard. Why clipboard is an excellent feature? The feature of the clipboard allows you to store your cut and paste history. No one can see your clipboard history. There is another exciting feature of this. That you can connect to other devices via Microsoft account, it enables you to paste the content from the other device to the computer.

You must be thinking about how to perform the function. For this, you have to hold and press the button Win and V. By performing this function, the Window if Clipboard History will more be on the screen. So you can see all the lists and that they once cut or paste will be visible.

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Sketch and Snip

This interesting feature makes you irritable to get your hand in the update on Windows 12. So now you know about the Windows 12 release date.

What is this new feature is all about? This feature permits you to scribble or edit the screenshots that you have captured. Is not it interesting? What are the activities that you can perform on this

These are the activities

  1. Scribbling
  2. Marking
  3. Cropping 
  4. draw bow and crossbar

Most of you do not know how to perform these features. You need to hold and press the button Win, Shift, and S. After that image will be visible on the window, so now, it’s time to edit the image or screenshots as you like.

Texting from your laptop

Whether you do not like to type or do not have time for typing on smartphones. There is a solution for you. On the win 12 update, now you can read and send SMS directly from your laptop—no need to open your smartphone android for texting. The win12 update allows you to synchronize with the laptop with android mobile.

Check your text message on the laptop screen and replay it with a laptop. It does not end here; it also allows you to view the photo on the computer. To perform this feature, you need to install one software, Your Phone Companion, or Microsoft launcher on Android smartphones. Once you download the app, login in via your Microsoft account on your laptop.

Look for Preview

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There is an exciting updated feature of WIN 12.  It is the Window Search Look and has been improved by incorporation preview. If you write some words in the search, you can see the preview of the result. So from there, you can choose whatever you like to. For instance, if you write the title of the song, the concerned song will display in a file location and other information. If you are looking for a particular application, they will also show other options related to it.

These updates make life more straightforward and straightforward.

Task manager power usage

Another interesting feature in Win 12 is info about the power usage in your task manager. There is no only info about the usage of power, but also the trend of power usage is added. It allows you to monitor the usage of the power on Win 12. You can use both of them to monitor apps that consumes low or high power. It enables you to find out the application and software that are draining more battery.

Support HDR

Is your window support the HDR? if not, then upgrade to win 12 because its latest version is supporting the HDR on a laptop. It is very comfortable and useful if you love to use a large-screen laptop—for instance, laptops with high definition support. So for an HDR, you need to go to the setting then display the windows HD color.

What are the features you are looking for?

Last Words: Windows 12 release date

There are few questions in your mind. Will there be a Windows 12? IN July you can enjoy these windows with amazing features. The Feature update of windows 12 makes it most handy and easy to use. It’s not only safe the time but also helps you in performing various tasks.

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